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 Shamanic Healing

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MessageSujet: Shamanic Healing   Shamanic Healing EmptyLun 21 Nov - 16:33

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans view illness holistically. They assess the health of a person by tracking their alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit. This Sacred Balance is essential for our health and relates not only to our internal health (relationship to self) but also to our external health (relationship to others and the world around us).

Rather than trying to cure a symptom, which is the tradition of western allopathic medicine, shamans look at the whole system and track the symptom to its source. Shamans believe that all illness has a spiritual origin, which is based in some trauma that the patient has experienced. The trauma energetically imprints that person and if left unhealed or untended can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore, shamans heal the spiritual origins of illness, so the imprint of trauma no longer informs our reality or health and we can return to a state of Grace.

Our physical body is surrounded by a Luminous Energy Field (like an aura) which is an invisible matrix that holds the imprint of all our karmic, personal and ancestral memories, traumas and wounds. These imprints can become activated to mirror a personal history that repeats itself by compelling us towards behaviors, relationships, accidents or illnesses that replicate the original trauma. An Illumination is the shamanic clearing of the negative imprints in our Luminous Energy Field, it is an ancient energy healing technique that comes from the Q’ero shamans of Peru, the descendants of the Inca.

An Illumination is helpful when:

You feel stuck in a behavioral pattern which continues to repeat itself
You are struggling to heal from traits (health or emotional) that are part of your ancestry
Emotional traumas of your past continue to haunt you and do not respond well to other healing modalities
In the Inca tradition of Illumination, the imprints to the Luminous Energy Field appear as sluggish energy around the chakras. During the healing, the heavy emotional energy of the imprint is drained through the chakra, then the imprint itself is erased through the use of focused intention and breath. When the imprint is erased, we are no longer informed by the wounds of our past or ancestry.

What to expect in a session:

A typical session for a shamanic healing may take 1 h - 1h30. All shamanic work is private and strictly confidential. I usually start by 10 minutes discussing what shamanism is and by learning about your history and struggles. Together we identify what issues are in need of healing.

As a shaman, I will then create a Sacred Space, where you will feel save and hold. Each healing is unique to the client and reflects what the individual needs. The healing session itself might take more ore less 30 minutes and you will be an active part of it.

After the healing I will discuss 15-20 minutes with you any “homework” or lifestyle change that may be necessary to support your healing process. I encourage people to contact me within a week or two after the healing to discuss any effects they are experiencing from the work, and to determine if additional work needs to be done.

Depending on the nature of the work involved, significant healing can be accomplished in 1 to 3 sessions. Many clients find that one session is all they need. The success is affected by the intensity of your desire for healing, and your willingness to actively create healing patterns in your life.

Preparation before and after a healing:
Having a clear intention and desire for healing (as well as being willing to let go of old patterns that are unhealthy) strengthens the effects of the healing. Identify the issue for your session.

Identify for yourself the following:

What is not working in my life?
What feels out of balance?
What is missing, or what qualities have I lost which I long to reclaim?
Are there unhealthy patterns in my life which keep repeating?
Are there people in my life to which I have an unhealthy connection?
Are there places in my body where I am regularly feeling pain?
Does my life feel out of control?
Why am I feeling called to seek spiritual healing now?
It is important to avoid alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours before and after your healing. After your session it may take 1-3 days to fully integrate the healing you have received. Be sure to take time afterwards to nurture yourself. The effects of the healing can be gradual or dramatic, each individual experiences this differently. It is recommended to do not more than one session every 3 - 4 weeks, so that the transformation can fully be integrated within yourself and and your life.

Booking your session:

The staff of the Four Winds Society give sessions for 200,00 $.

As I want to spread these amazing experiences here in Belgium, I will introduce and share these wonder-ful sessions with you for 90,00 € each by the end of December.

From January 2012 each session will be 100,00 €.


Welcome on your journey!

You will be amazed!!!

The Illumination process is a Peruvian shamanic technique brought to North America by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, one of the first North Americans to study with the Q'ero shamans in the Andes. In his book, Shaman, Healer, Sage, Mr. Villoldo says of Illumination:

"The Illumination Process transforms heavy energies into light. this is also a metaphor for saying that it transforms emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge ... Through an alchemical process (miqui / mikhuy), one transforms one's wounds into a source of courage and strength ... The lessons are integrated at an energetic level ... The Illumination Process transforms the heavy emotions associated with trauma and disease into nourishing life energy.

The Illumination Process achieves healing in three ways. First, it burns up the sludge and deposits adhering to the walls of a chakra. This promotes longevity and strengthens the immune response. Second, it combusts the toxic energy around malignant physical and emotional imprints. This is the fuel that an imprint employs to express itself. Third, it scours clean the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field. The Illumination Process brings about healing at the source, at the blueprint level of our being. When these imprints are erased, one can readily change negative emotions and behaviors. The power of the immune system is unleashed, so that physical healing is accelerated.

After the Illumination Process combusts the energies around the imprint, the underlying imprints are erased. There is no pattern left in the blueprint to reorganize an old reality."

Shaman, Healer, Sage, pp. 156-160.
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Shamanic Healing
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